balticFuelCells GmbH combines the innovation and agility of a Start-Up with the experience and stability of a mature, expanding organisation in the increasing Fuel Cell Technology.

balticFuelCells GmbH is building on a long-time experience in developing and testing of  Fuel Cell internal components, such as MEAs, CCMs, GDLs for PEM-Technology. balticFuelCells GmbH is also purchasing and designing MEAs, CCMs and Fuel Cell stacks for PEFC and DMFC-applications.

The quickCONNECT fixture is especially designed for labs and the strong requirements of quality assurance in the fabrication lines. qCf is a revolutionary testing device featuring superior reproducible testing results by active controlled pressure impact directly on the active area of the sample(s) to be characterised.

balticFuelCells GmbH has exclusive worldwide rights to the qCf advanced cell-concept and has patented improvements key to commercialisation (WO 2006/056195 A1). This concept is now available for test cells for Redox-Flow-Batteries as well (qCf RFB).
Since 2012, balticFuelCells GmbH offers Fuel Cell Subsystems, registered as SuSy(TM). For more informations, please switch to


balticFuelCells GmbH operates internationally and has established its position in the market itself. To strengthen our team we are looking for experts with clout!

.. currently no Jobs available ..

We are also very interested in young and motivated students from the region to mediate tasks in the field of fuel cell technology.
Here, the following disciplines are:

Mechanical Engineering
- Construction
Electrical Engineering- Microcontroller, etc.

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